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Journey Into Mediumship - A Guide to Developing your Spiritual Gifts

** Navigating the Ethereal Pathways of Spirit and Connection **


Chapter 1: Understanding Mediumship

Chapter 2: Preparing Yourself

Chapter 3: Developing Your Skills

Chapter 4: Communicating with Spirit

Chapter 5: Overcoming Challenges

Chapter 6: Practical Applications

Chapter 7: Personal Growth and Self-Care

Chapter 8: Moving Forward


❤️ Recommended Reading and Resources

❤️ Journals and Exercises for Daily Practice

❤️ Journals for Mediumship

❤️ Exercises for Daily Practice in Mediumship


Written by Belinda Danielle, International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Mentor


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital copy and will be emailed to you

Journey Into Mediumship - A Guide to Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

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