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About Me

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After a wonderful 20-year career in the legal and medical industry, I took the leap to pursue my true purpose as a full-time Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium. I had to trust myself 100% and leave all self-doubt at the door.


From the age of 7, I always had a knowing of people around me. It’s not until they all gathered in my bedroom one night, leaving me scared and jumping into my parent’s bed, that I knew they were not going away. So, eventually, I chose to embrace this and finally accept this gift that I was born with.


I’ve always had this deep desire to help those facing trauma too, having had a lot myself throughout the years, and to inspire my clients to believe in their potential and what truly lies within their heart.


My journey was not always an easy one. There were times that I ignored the messages that I received from Spirit, drinking heavily and even taking drugs at a young age. I just wanted to feel numb. However, I knew that my experiences were one day destined to help those to overcome obstacles that they never thought possible.


The loss of my father when I was pregnant with my first really affected me. I didn’t realise just how much my whole life was turned upside down from this event. Dealing with this great loss sent me off the rails and I didn't know where I belonged. I eventually decided to get my shit together and move forward.


The Guide I work with now came on board after my second was born. However, my self-doubts crept in yet again and I worked for many years in management in a 9-5 job, until I chose to finally start channelling messages from her to help others. My dedication to my purpose saw me quitting, scared of not having the security that a 9-5 job could offer. However, it was time, and I knew that I was going to help others all over the world with my connection.


As a Psychic Medium, I've been privileged to witness the love between people that I do not know and connect them with their loved ones that have passed over. This is healing for them and allows them to move forward with their lives.


As a Spiritual Mentor and Accredited Life Coach, I also guide clients through a 6-week or 12-week transformational journey, empowering them to step into their true potential and purpose. My sessions are designed to address past traumas, heal wounds, and build a foundation for a balanced and fulfilling life. I create a safe space for those to explore their spiritual paths and unlock their inner strength.

My accuracy and heart-based approach have earned the trust and love of my clients, who appreciate the clarity and peace that my readings and mentorship bring.

I look forward to working with you.


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