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Embrace the Life You are Destined to Live

As a Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium,
I GUIDE with empathy, helping you navigate
your journey to healing and empowerment
with genuine care and deep insight...


20 minute

TEXT/SMS Reading

These are a convenient way to receive personalised psychic insights

and guidance through messaging

on your phone or WhatsAPP



Psychic Medium EMAIL Reading Report

This is a 2500 word report sent directly to your email. Can also include MEDIUMSHIP connecting with

a passed over loved one



45 minute

Phone Psychic Reading

This 45 minute phone reading is sacred between the both of us and offers messages to

you from my Guide


"You're always there for others,
but who is there for you?"



You're on the edge. You're overwhelmed.
You don't know who you are anymore.
Don't worry, I've been there.
If you want to align with your purpose and live with intention,
I'm the Mentor for you. It's time...

🔴You're constantly juggling numerous responsibilities, leaving you feeling exhausted and unable to focus on your own needs. The weight of doing everything for others has taken a toll on your mental and physical health.

🔴 In the midst of catering to everyone else's needs, you've lost touch with who you are. Your passions and interests have taken a back seat, making you feel disconnected from your true self.

🔴 The continuous cycle of giving without receiving adequate support in return has left you feeling perpetually stressed. This chronic stress impacts your ability to relax and enjoy life.


🔴 You have no time for yourself and you seem to be searching for the ability to do this without any luck. You are left exhausted dealing with everyone else's issues and long to be able to just be by yourself.


🔴Despite your efforts, you often feel unappreciated and undervalued. The lack of recognition for your hard work can erode your self-esteem and sense of worth. Those that you thought cared seem to be taking you for granted.

🔴 Your inability to set and enforce personal boundaries has led to others taking advantage of your kindness. This lack of boundaries leaves you feeling overwhelmed and resentful.

🟢 By focusing on your own needs and passions, you start to rediscover the joy and excitement that life has to offer. Each day feels more vibrant and fulfilling and you start enjoying situations around you.

🟢 Setting boundaries and prioritising your own well-being empowers you. You feel more in control of your life and decisions, leading to a sense of inner strength. You find your tribe and say goodbye to those that no longer serve you.

🟢 As you take time for self-care and rest, you notice a significant boost in your energy levels. This renewed vitality helps you tackle daily tasks with enthusiasm and efficiency.

🟢 Prioritising yourself allows you to build deeper, more meaningful connections with others. These relationships are based on mutual respect and understanding, enhancing your sense of community and support.

🟢 With less stress and more time for yourself, your creativity flourishes. You find new and innovative ways to express yourself, whether through art, writing, starting a holistic business or other creative outlets.

🟢 As you start valuing your own needs, your self-esteem grows. You feel more confident and recognise your worth, which positively impacts all areas of your life.


I am Belinda

As a Spiritual Mentor and Accredited Life Coach, I guide my clients through their deepest challenges and toward profound personal growth.


My unique approach combines empathy, intuitive insights, and a heartfelt desire to see others succeed, making me an ideal guide for those seeking to overcome past traumas and embrace their true potential.


Clients choose me because I not only listen with compassion but also empower them with actionable steps and personalised strategies.


My ability to connect deeply and deliver results fosters a transformative experience that encourages them to step into their power and live their best lives, fully aligned with their spiritual path.

It's time you put yourself first.

You matter. This is your life.

Spiritual Mentoring
Guidance to Enlighten, Enrich and Empower You

This is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Mentoring is for you if:

☾☼ You are feeling overwhelmed by daily stressors in life

☾☼ You have unresolved trauma and you wish to heal it

☾☼ You are struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem

☾☼ You have a major life transition occurring

☾☼ You are dealing with grief and loss

☾☼ You are searching for purpose and meaning

☾☼ You currently feel disconnected from others

☾☼ You are experiencing spiritual uncertainty

☾☼ You want to balance work, life, family and personal goals

☾☼ You are facing barriers to personal growth

☾☼ You desire deeper connection with yourself and the world


Above all, you want a coach that listens with empathy, has a strong developed intuition, is patient, understands you, speaks the truth and helps finds the great in every challenging situation


The Powerful Woman

🏹 She cultivates a deep sense of self-worth and confidence


🏹 She embraces her uniqueness, strengths, and even her flaws

🏹 She knows her passions and she pursues it relentlessly

🏹 She establishes clear boundaries in her personal and professional life


🏹 She enhances her ability to understand and manage her emotions

🏹 She surrounds herself with supportive and like-minded individuals


🏹 She develops the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges


🏹 She upholds strong moral principles and leads by example

Want this? Ask me HOW



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Belinda came into my life when I was going through a very difficult time. There are no words to express how I am thankful for her guidance and kindness. She is an amazing soul and a source of profound inspiration. Her readings and coaching sessions have helped me grow stronger and know that I can do anything I put my mind to! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for the mentoring sessions. I loved them so much. Thank you for teaching me it’s okay to say no if I have too much going on and not feel bad or guilty about it, thank you for never judging me and most importantly believing in me and my dreams. I enjoyed our sessions so much and anyone would benefit from these sessions as well.


For anyone that is looking for mentoring sessions, Belinda is extraordinary. She has helped me get out of my own way and truly live life the way I have always wanted. Because of Belinda's coaching, I have been able to find my purpose and find happiness that I never thought was possible. Thank you so much.

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