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FREE 15-min consultation (Mentoring)

A phone mentoring consultation directly with me

  • 15 minutes

Service Description

This free phone call is an opportunity for us to chat about working with me and answer any questions that you may have. This is for SPIRITUAL MENTORING only. In particular: ✧ What is it that you want to learn from spiritual mentoring with me? ✧ Identify what has been holding you back and what you wish to achieve ✧ Understand your goals ✧ Discuss your blockages and challenges ✧ What modalities you are drawn to? ✧ Do you have a spiritually based business that you wish to scale? ✧ Are you ready to work for yourself and do what you've always wanted to do, creating balance in all areas of your life? This 15-min call is also an opportunity to raise questions about the what your needs are and to connect together to ensure we can work well together. Mentoring is for those that truly want to step up into the power and ready to achieve what they were born to do. Mentoring isn't for you if you aren't ready to make a change. Belinda x

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