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♥ Complete love stone ♥ A stone of kindness and compassion ♥ Releases fear, worry and anxiety ♥ Heals past emotional trauma ♥


Element: Water

Chakras: Heart


Rose Quartz, often referred to as the "stone of love," is cherished for its gentle, soothing energy and its strong association with the Heart Chakra. This beautiful pink crystal is renowned for its ability to open the heart to all types of love—self-love, familial love, friendship love, and romantic love. Its nurturing properties help dissolve old wounds, resentments, and fears, facilitating forgiveness and the healing of the heart. Emotionally, Rose Quartz promotes compassion and understanding, encouraging gentle reconciliation where there has been discord and enhancing empathy towards others and oneself. Spiritually, it aids in deepening connections with the divine, emphasising the interconnectedness of all life. Rose Quartz is also thought to attract love and affection into one’s life, making it a valuable stone for those seeking deeper and more harmonious relationships.


Please Note: These are randomly selected.

Price is EACH per item.

Rose Quartz Tumbles "AAA GRADE"

  • Size: 3cm x 3cm approximately

    Weight: 30 grams approximately

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