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♥ Healing ♥ Promotes peace ♥ Emotional healing ♥ Connection with Higher Self and Spirit Guides ♥ Cleanses the whole auric field ♥ 


Element: Earth and Fire

Chakras: Solar Plexus


Golden Healers is known to be one of the most beneficial crystals when you want to get rid of unhealthy habits and self-defeating attitudes. Golden Healers are a very powerful, high vibration crystal. It is a crystal of total healing, empowering you to heal yourself and others. It promotes peace, alignment, and soothes your mind, body and spirit.  This is a wonderful crystal to use to connect you with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.


Please Note: These are randomly selected

Price is per EACH item

Golden Healer Tumbles

  • Size: 3cm x 3cm approximately

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