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♥ Personal growth ♥ Activates the heart chakra, allowing one to heal ♥ Inner peace ♥ Fosters empathy ♥


Element: Earth

Chakras: Heart 


Flower Agate is a captivating gemstone known for its floral patterns and nurturing energy that resonates deeply with the Heart Chakra. It's cherished for its ability to ignite passion and inspire one to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential. Spiritually, Flower Agate fosters self-growth, serving as a reminder of the seeds within us, waiting to sprout and blossom. It is believed to aid in uncovering hidden talents and discovering one’s life purpose. Emotionally, this stone offers a gentle, encouraging vibration that instills joy and renews one’s zest for life. It is particularly helpful in alleviating fear, self-doubt, and negativity, replacing them with optimism and a readiness to embrace new challenges. By promoting emotional recovery and offering protection from emotional pain, Flower Agate helps maintain inner peace and supports emotional resilience.

Flower Agate Point

$28.50 Regular Price
$14.25Sale Price
  • Size: 7.5cm x 2.5cm

    Weight: 50 grams

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