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♥ Encourages clarity on all levels ♥ Enhances communication ♥ Amplifies psychic abilities ♥ Stimulates and opens all chakras ♥


Element: Storm

Chakras: All


A Clear Quartz Geode, with its captivating crystalline structures, amplifies the intrinsic properties of Clear Quartz in a unique and visually stunning form. Geodes are known for their ability to radiate energy outward into the surrounding environment, making a Clear Quartz Geode particularly effective in cleansing and enhancing the energies of a space. Spiritually, it serves as a beacon of clarity and purity, facilitating deeper spiritual awareness and an enhanced connection to the universe. It aids in opening the mind to higher guidance during meditation and can intensify intuitive insights. Emotionally, the Clear Quartz Geode brings a profound sense of calm and balance, helping to dissolve significant blocks and re-establish emotional equilibrium. Its presence promotes harmony and clarity, which can be particularly beneficial in areas where communication and cohesion are needed, making it an excellent tool for both personal growth and communal spaces.

Clear Quartz Geode

$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
  • Size: 5cm x 3cm

    Weight: 30 grams

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