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Hi, I'm Belinda and I am a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach.

I had been aware of the non-physical world since I was around the age of 7 and always had a knowing of people and situations around me, even as a child. Being a Medium is something that has never left me since a young age. They'd visit me often when I was little and I'd wind up in my parents bed most nights! Mediumship (hearing and sensing those that have passed over) is also in my family lineage. My late father and great grandmother also had these innate abilities. 

The Gaia Tree has been running since 2013 but it had primarily been a crystal business and something I'd always been really passionate about. I did however head to Los Angeles soon after I opened it's doors and promoted my work as a Psychic Medium at the Conscious Life Expo. I was then chosen to represent Australia on a television show in the Ukraine called Battle of the Psychics. That's where life of a Psychic Medium sort of stopped. I certainly couldn't be filming over there for months away from my children. I then made the choice of continuing to focus on intuitively selecting beautiful crystals for my clients. I believe a part of me also doubted the messages I was receiving from Spirit also and my human brain took over. 

I chose a Monday to Friday, 9-5 role and decided to ignore everything I ever felt regarding Spirit. I sort of blocked it out. After 6 years in a full-time management position which I put my heart and soul into, working long hours including weekends, sometimes up to 60+ hours a week, I finally burnt out in October 2021. I then decided that I wasn't going to be taken for granted anymore. So, I finally listened to my intuition, trusted in the Universe and surrendered, to it all. I finally accepted that being a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach is my life work and being of service to others. 


I now offer spiritual guidance to those that wish to rediscover their purpose and follow their own intuition. This is what is important to me. Helping others tap into their own intuition, align their beliefs and truly listen to their own inner voice is a passion of mine. I also have my Guide alongside me, helping heal others from their trauma and offering them accurate information that truly brings them confirmation that we are definitely not alone. My Guide allows my clients to grow and move forward. 


If you want to live a more intuitive life, knowing there is something more for you out there, I am the one to work with.  If you truly want to align your desires and thoughts to create a great life, I am the one to work with. You have a gift, we all do. You are you. That in itself is a gift. I can assist with overcoming obstacles in your life and truly allow you to move forward, your way.

Thanks for connecting with me and I look forward to working with you.

Belinda xo

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