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Terms and Conditions

By accessing, you indicate your agreement to our terms and conditions. These are subject to change at any time, without notice, at our discretion. Your continued access and use of the site indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to the changes of our terms and conditions. Please refer to these terms and conditions regularly.


The site and all contents within are owned, operated, licensed and controlled by The Gaia Tree. The Gaia Tree retains all rights, titles, and interest in the content contained on this site. Therefore, the content may not be copied, republished, redistributed, posted, transmitted or posted in any way without prior written agreement from Belinda Tant and The Gaia Tree. The use (in any manner) or The Gaia Tree’s logos are prohibited from use without prior written agreement from Belinda Tant and The Gaia Tree.


All prices outlined on this site are listed in Australian dollars (AU$) unless otherwise stated.




There is no refund policy on readings. You cannot obtain a refund for a reading merely because you don't like the information that has come through at the time. All information shared is from a loving space. Belinda Tant uses her time and energetic space to complete these and it is important that she is the reader for you before you make payment for her services. 

COPYRIGHT LAWS and all contents within are protected by Australian copyright laws, and belong to The Gaia Tree. You may not alter or manipulate the images or any other content within this site. You may not reproduce any content within The Gaia Tree without prior written agreement from Belinda Tant and The Gaia Tree.


You are welcome to contact Belinda Tant via email at regarding her products and services and making a booking. Belinda Tant will respond within 48 hours via email due to the volume of emails that she receives. Please note that Belinda Tant will not respond to questions related to a psychic/medium nature without a booking. 


We now assume you have become familiar with the site and accept our terms and conditions.

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